Ocean Magic Sea Minerals


Ocean Magic Sea Minerals has been designed to replenish the natural minerals missing from depleted soils.

Most  soils have been reduced to just 12 to 20 trace minerals, rather than the dozens Mother Nature intended.  This results in: Weaker cell wall linings - Greater susceptibility to disease and pests - Lower nutritional value - Lower test weights - Shorter shelf life - Poorer yields.  Ocean Magic Sea Minerals works as a soil fertility supplement that re-mineralizes the soil.  Ocean Magic is derived from extremely clean sea water. Testing  has  shown that this product contains all the minerals in the same proportions that those same minerals occur in the blood of healthy animals.  Anyone who wants to optimize their garden and  improve the mineral content of their soil and vegetation can do so by applying Ocean Magic. 

Ocean Magic is based on the 30 years of testing and experimenting by Dr. Maynard Murray. Ocean Magic is nearly 100% water soluble in contrast to rock powders which are not. Ocean Magic Sea Minerals is helpful to all types of soil and any growing conditions. 

Ocean Magic Sea Minerals will produce major improvements in your plant’s growth (volume) and will improve the nutrient value and taste of food products you grow. 
A low salt, highly concentrated (100 to 1)  Ocean Fertilizer (0-0-2)  Mg-5.4%   S-1.9%   Na-1.8%   Cl-16%  

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